The Area

The Pelion region was, as the legend says, the summer residence of the Olympian Gods as well as the country of the Centaurs. it is a striking, bright green region between Pagasitikos Bay and the Aegean Sea.
On top of it, the divine weddings between Pileas and Thetis took place.

The villages, each with its own history, sown on the slopes of the mountain are unbelievable in beauty where the scenery leads into the embrace of the sea, in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea on the eastern side and the blue waters of the Pagasitikos Bay from the West side.

Portaria, just 14km away from Volos, developed at the end of the 18th century, thanks to the handicraft activities of the inhabitants and has experienced overwhelming economic development and cultural growth.

Today Portaria is a leading force in the tourist development of Mount Pelion. A pole of attraction for many tourists, yet maintains its quaintness, with magnificent mansions, taps, the Folklore Museum and local celebrations.